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Are you ready to discover the exact self-healing journey I took to recreate and redesign my life? A process that actually works!

Hello Queens!

I launched The ReBirth by HER Design program to foster an environment where struggling, but hopeful women could discover who they are and what they are actually capable of. I help you set out on a journey of self-discovery to empower you and provide the needed support to get you to the next level…whatever that level is. It’s up to you.

I combine proven holistic coaching methods with personalized support that yields tangible results and helps you build the life and career you desire. By taking small steps now, you can create a lifetime of joy and fulfillment.

Transformational Life Coaching

Discovering What Is and What Can Be

Right now, you may be living under a cloud of underlying false beliefs or assumptions about your life. Regardless of what events in your life shaped these beliefs, what matters now is:

How you develop the clarity to discover what is today and
what can be tomorrow.

Are you happy with where you are in life right now? Or, do you wish things were different? Everyone has different goals and dreams…

Some of us are trying to change the world…

…others just want to settle down and live a long healthy life with the people that they love the most…

And then there are people that want it ALL! They want everything they can get out of life…

What about you??

Do you look in the mirror and see the person you are today – doubtful, fearful, insecure and unmotivated & lost??

Or visualize about the type of personal you want to become – confident, loving, successful, attracting her desires and intuitively guided??

I'm an expert in mindfulness, mediating and helping others see the bigger picture at hand, using pain to restructure life, and positivity transmuting emotional energy.
Coach DeJane' and her style of coaching is very tough, yet rewarding. You will have to do the work, but you'll love every minute of what you will be creating week after week. She help me define my personal brand and identify my inner strength. Now I'm able to overcome my fears which allowed me to become who I am destined to be and all my businesses have flourished because of this. I'm so grateful for taking and completing both of her programs, The ReBirth and Building your Personal Brand!
K. Watts
Life Coach, Designer, & Breast Cancer Survivor

The ReBirth Signature Program will guide you through the following:


Understanding who you are, how you’re being, and what’s been holding you back from manifesting the life you desire.


Learning to release emotional traumas by setting new intentions and using daily practices to increase your feminine inner Goddess.
No longer limited by negative self-talk, beliefs, or subconscious blocks.


Knowing how to use feminine energy to create a balance within all areas of your life, no longer living within a cycle
and have created a sacred space to begin manifesting your dream goals.

Wow, so much I could say right now! DeJane' and her coaching made me see ME! She not only helped me see areas of my life that I had no idea about, she guided me through each step and answered all 1000 of my questions when it came down to performing my rituals. DeJane' helped me find myself and realize my worth; most importantly, helped me to see where I was hurting within myself. I was able to wholeheartedly forgive and move on with my life. In learning to love and appreciate myself so that I could attract the kind of love I deserve. Now, I've aligned my life with the career that suites my God-given gifts as well attracted my "ideal" man. I truly can say "I'M HAPPY!"
A. Thomas
HER Problems
ReBirth Solutions
Struggling with Grief of Loosing a Parent
Step-by-Step Coping Mechanisms; Honoring their Memory
Inner Child Trauma
How to Forgive, Release, & Restore
Not Accepting Self
Self-Love Affirmations + Being in the World
Anxiety & Depression
How to Let of the Past & Create a New Tomorrow
Limiting Self-Beliefs
Chakra Balancing & Self-Awareness

For the HER that wants to...

Empower your Femininity

Awaken, activate, and embody your feminine energy

Reconnect with your Source

Build a strong, connected, and empowering relationship with yourself and God

Self-Heal thru an Holistic Approach

Release old patterns of stress, anxiety, and depression and create a life with more confidence and abundance

Develop Self-Care Routines

Develop sacred rituals and self-care practices that’ll help nourish and fill you with positive energies

For the HER that deals with...

Limiting Self-Beliefs

Negative self-talk and confidence

Disconnected from HER Faith

A disconnection with your higher self and faith relationship

A Desire to be Comfortable in HER Skin

Dealing with body shame, insecurities, or traumas from the past

Inconsistent Self-Love

Poor or the lack of self-care routines and focus energies

My role as a transformational life coach is to instill in you a paradigm shift that produces a true transformation in all areas of your life:

My personal development training can help you unearth your most powerful capabilities so that YOU contribute to your own state of well-being and happiness.

It’s About Your Life and Your Narrative

The ReBirth by HER Design Program Objectives

Why put it off another day. Let’s get started right now!

Right at this moment, you are on the verge of something amazing…however, something is getting in the way. As your coach, I can help you cultivate enlightened leadership within you or your organization. My goal is to partner with you to put into place a transforming belief system so that you fearlessly embrace change and realize previously untapped potential.

So, the only question is:

What narrative do you want to create with your life?
What story do you want to tell?

Questions? Concerns? Ready to sign up?

I created this program because I wanted to...