DeJane’ Hill

I empower melanated women to overcome fears and insecurities by transforming their mindset so that they can manifest a life with no limits being the best version of themselves and fall in love with HER again.


Welcome, I'm DeJane'

I am a Mindset Transformation & Intuitive Coach and Women’s Empowerment Mentor.


Over the past 5 years, through my private coaching practice and relationships, I have worked with hundreds of women around the world to help them step into who they truly are.

I created a safe space to foster an environment where struggling, but hopeful women could discover who they are and what they are actually capable of. I help you set out on a journey of self-discovery to empower you and provide the needed support to get you to the next level…whatever that level is. It’s up to you.

I combine proven holistic coaching methods with personalized support that yields tangible results and helps you build the life and career you desire. By taking small steps now, you can create a lifetime of joy and fulfillment.

Discovering What Is and What Can Be

I work with awakening women who want to deepen their self-love, step into their authentic intuitive power, tune into their inner Goddess wisdom and embody more of their divine feminine essence and energy.

I offer private 1:1 coaching, self-study programs, workshops, and resources to help you create the inner mindset shift you are craving. I’ll be launching my group coaching program this Fall – be on the lookout!

I’ll teach you the secrets to manifesting your desires by awakening and embodying your feminine magnetism. 

Let's go "within" with DeJane'

One Life, One Creation: The Personal Memoirs of DeJane' is slice of my life cup of tea by cup of tea!

My Mother's
Last Field Trip

A Book by DeJane’ Hill

The secret outlined in this 62-page inspirational book that will teach you everything you need to know on your journey to personal development and the role that faith and prayers play on your life.


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